Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lily LaRue, if that's your real name...

Last Saturday, March 8, HATCH had their 2nd annual HATCHed art show. Even though I didn't get anything in I definitely made an appearance. Firstly because you gotta support the team, but also because we had a session of Dr. Sketchy beforehand and I finally got those Sketchy tee shirts made and wanted to bring them in.

Art Monkeys start to gather at Cafe 1923 in Hamtramck for Dr. Sketchy and the HATCHed art show.

Dr. Sketchy Ringmaster Sean Bieri looks surprised as he shows off one of the brand new tee shirts printed by my friends at J's Silkscreens.

Muana, one of our favorite models, and John Nagridge pose for a pic before the show starts.

Azucena's all ready to draw.

Our model, Lily LaRue (pretty sure that's not her real name) is almost ready to start.

The sketchy-ing begins.

Quite the spectacle, many a passerby stop to rubberneck as Lily LaRue poses in the window at Cafe 1923.

After doing some one-minute warm-up drawings, we get down to some 5 and 10 minute sketching business. These are my first attempts at illustrating Miss LaRue.

Michelangelo Cicerone shows off his winning sketch for the theme "Think Spring". He also was picked for an honorary HATCH membership as an up-and-coming artist. Just so you know, Mic, I voted for ya.

Fancy, huh?

Here's my entry.

A few more sketches round out the evening.

The last sketch of the night was a round robin where three people work on the same sketch for five minutes each. You get some pretty cool results. This one is by Azucena, Matt (whose last name I can't read because his pen smeared), and myself.

Lily LaRue poses in her fancy new wardrobe.

Art Monkeys Azucena, Lou, and Jennifer have a post Sketchy snack and talk it up.

The awesome Azucena's handiwork - Circus Peanut Sal!

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  1. Sugary goodness from a folk art Goddess!
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