Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm just a walkin' my dog, singin' my song...

I took a trip down to the Detroit Institute of Arts a few weeks ago to see Nellie McKay perform in Rivera Court. We saw her back in December in Aimee Mann's Xmas Extravaganza. She was goofy and fun in a cute way.

Due to a flat tire she was running a bit late. And so were we as seating was all but gone when we got there (Azucena had the last chair and I sat on the planter at the side - not very comfortable after an hour and a half).

We only knew the couple songs we heard in December, but soon realized that we knew a bunch more from hearing them on WDET back when they still played music. So here's my view of her. She's kind of a characature already. And you gotta love a chick who plays the ukulele!

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