Monday, February 4, 2008

New Zoo Review

Last Saturday brought a trip to the zoo with the lovely Azucena. We both brought our sketchbooks along too. It was a mild day as far as February in Michigan goes, but we spent most of our time inside at the butterfly garden and the amphibian house. When we finally ventured out to sketch some mammalian quadrapeds, they weren't being very cooperative - the camels just didn't feel like posing. But a passing peacock was intrigued by my pencil box, thinking it food perhaps. So I caught his likeness as fast as possible and when he started to move away I shook my box to catch his attention again. The two of us attempted to move on to other outside dwellers, but wussed out due to the cold and spent our last minutes before closing hanging with the penguins. Azucena's dawings were awesome! Here's a few of what I did.

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