Friday, May 1, 2009


Here are a few pics (never one of me) from S.P.A.C.E., the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo, in Columbus. Above is the booklet I put together full of art by yours truly from the past few years. They turned out all nice and fancy-like: paperback, 40 pages, full color, and signed by me! Only $17 (plus a buck for shipping)! If anyone is interested drop me a line. They're also available directly from the online store, but you have to pay like eight bucks in shipping and they aren't personalized. So don't do that, you know, if you were, like, thinking about it.

Below are my travelling companions, Matt Feazell of Cynicalman fame, and Suzanne Baumann of Fridge! They let me use a square foot of table space to sell my stuff. Thanks! Check out their sites, you won't be disappointed!

I picked up a few noteworthy items while I was there too. First is Chad the Fat Kid by friend Erik Hodson. He started as a web comic and now he's a book!

Next up: Bo Nanas by John Kovaleski. John had his strip syndicated in Europe and Asia.

And Then One Day by Ryan Claytor. Loved the design and packaging of all his stuff.

The Claws Come Out by Pat Lewis. Slick comics and storytelling. Lots of fun.

There was a lot of other awesome people that I met and nifty stuff I picked up, including Pam Bliss' way cool Coelacanth tee shirt. These few were unfortunately the only things that I could remember where to find online off the top of my head, so sorry if I've left you out.