Friday, July 27, 2007

Sketchy X

That's Sketchy 10. Yup, we've had ten of 'em and the Doctor shows no sign of slowing down. Last night's episode featured Christopher from Causing a Scene, as well as one Jessica Rabbit - at least that's the name she's using. It was a challenge to get both of them down on paper at the same time when the clock was ticking. And just when I thought all of the magic had drained out of my pencil it all seemed to come together. I even won a prize for the theme "Something Arresting". Although it helps to know the Swag Faerie's weakness for all things Blade Runner.

My prize was a grab bag full of art monkey goodies, pencils, markers, magnets, a notebook, and a graphic novel about Laika, the little dog that was the first living being launched into space. I had just read an article about her and how the records of what happened had only been released after the Soviet Union fell. The official story had been that she was peacefully put to sleep with an injection several days after her launch. But the real story the book.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm starting a new experiment today. I'm attempting an online children's book serial kinda thing. The plan is to add new pages on a regular basis. The story is rather open ended so we'll just see where it takes us. So I present to you the first page of Ellie On Planet X!

Find the story at: