Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hatchback and Sketchy

Last weekend was the fourth annual HATCHback show in good ol' Hamtramck. Our evening began with a round of Dr. Sketchy featuring Chicago's own Red Hot Annie. Below are my sketches, along with a few drawings of fellow Cafe 1923 denizens, plus a few blurry pics of my entries, Annie herself, and the night's entertainment!


  1. LOL! Love the picture of me eating carrots & hummus! :) xo - Red Hot Annie

  2. I really love the sketches of people in the coffee shop. They portray so much personality. Very nice. I kinda wish I had stayed later, but I was rather moody that night. Probably best that I didn't.

    I have a random question for you. Where do you get the sketch pad's with the brown paper? I can't seem to find them at art stores.

  3. Utrecht on Woodward south of 12. I think they're like 10 or 12 bucks. I didn't stay too late either. Just watched a bit of the entertainment and then scooted.