Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jiggle Show

Last week's Dr. Sketchy featured Lana of Detroit Bellydance, who posed and performed for us a few times before. For those interested, there's an interview she did with WDET earlier in the week. Listen here.

My pencils were giving me trouble so most of what I drew was all cablooie out of proportion (that's my way of saying that I just couldn't draw worth crap). Here's stuff that kinda worked, along with a sketch on my tablet that I did at home based on a one minute gesture drawing from earlier in the evening.



  1. <3 the top one.

    These all turned out great, though. I'm glad you sent them to the sketchy's blog, so everyone can enjoy them (even if they're not your favorite's). Don't forget that you're always your worst critic.

  2. Thankya Jen. Deviant Art. I know. I know.