Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, New Look!

Well? Whattaya think?

I was getting tired of looking at all of my artwork on a dark background so I thought I'd switch things up a bit. All of my favorite sites have a nice white backdrop to show off all of their colors. Makes everything look all fresh and new. Plus I switched to hosting the blog here at Blogger.com as opposed to my own server. There were features that I wanted to incorporate that just weren't available otherwise. The old blog is still there, but will soon be replaced with a link to this site.

In other news, over the past year I've been doing most of my artwork on my Motion Computing LE1600 Tablet PC. It's a fine piece of equipment that allows for an endless amount of experimentation and is very flexible to work with. One drawback to my mighty tablet I discovered upon reading Danny Gregory's book An Illustrated Life. Gregory put together a book about other artists' sketchbooks and why they do what they do with them. And the one thing they can do with their sketchbooks that I cannot is take them off the bookshelf without having to plug them in or make sure the batteries are charged when they want to look at them or show their moms.

To make up for what was lacking I called on Blurb.com's services once again. I previously used them to put together a little 80 page hardcover book to use as a portfolio. They're very reasonably priced, so I put together a two volume sketchbook from the past year. Each paperback book is approximately 260 full color pages comprising over 700 individual electronical pages from my tablet. Now they can be looked at anywhere, even the bathroom.

Below Bijou languidly poses with my tablet and its literary progeny.


  1. I'm not going near that sketchbook! That dog looks intimidating with that stare.

  2. An Illustrated Life...

    Have been reading lots of good reviews about this book. Can't wait for my copy to arrive.

  3. I really enjoyed that book - read the whole thing straight through. Very inspiring.