Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Get Booked!

I'm heading to San Diego in a few weeks for Comic-Con International, for what has to be the biggest geekfest in the world. I want to take a portable portfolio with me to show, just in case, ya know, but don't want to carry a laptop or my tablet which could get lost, broken, or stolen. So I went through and had this book made.

It's 82 pages, hardcover, with a dust jacket. Fifty bucks delivered! And I have to say, it turned out better than I could imagine. The colors are bright and true to the look of the files on my monitor. Even art that I thought was rather low in resolution looks sharp. If you ever had the idea to put together a book of art or photos this is the stuff. You can order various sizes in paperback or hardcover and even put them up for sale in the Blurb store. Other websites offer the same sort of service including Apple with their iBooks.

I'm also going to get some postcards made too. I just finished the illustration tonight, featuring Ellie meeting denizens of another world.


  1. Hey jim,
    Have fun at comic-con. do post some pictures too.

  2. Hiya Deepa!
    Will do!

  3. Did you get extra copies of this book made?

  4. Nope. No extra copies. But you can buy one if you want.

    They have a softcover version, but it doesn't include the disturbing photo inside the back cover that's an amalgam of myself and my previous dog Jambi.