Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I got a really cool new tablet PC! I can draw right on the screen! I can carry it everywhere because it's small and only weighs like three pounds! Ain't it cool? Ain't I cool? Who wants to touch me?!!

I hemmed and hawed long and hard over getting one of these for about a year. I was torn over this model or a Wacom Cintiq, which is a big twenty-one inch monitor that you can draw on. Only thing is that the Cintiq lacks the portability that I was looking for.

Now, what I really want is a Macintosh tablet. But Apple isn't really interested in making a tablet. Then I thought that my dreams had come true when a third party company was taking Mac laptops and converting them into tablets. But it was taking forever for them to release them. And they cost a lot.

So I settled for Motion Computing's tablet PC. Don't get me wrong, it's a great little machine. But as a member of the cult that is Macintosh I felt I was actually betraying the company that has provided me with excellent computers for over fifteen years. I prayed to the glowing apple on the back of my laptop for guidence. And because there was no answer being handed down by Steve Jobs himself, I decided that it was time that I make room for two operating systems in my home. Besides, I've been using Windows at work for years now and haven't noticed any real difference in how the software works. Well, maybe a few annoying things, but nothing I can't work around. So I put an Apple desktop pic on it to make me feel at home.

I'm currently learning to navigate around Windows with nothing but a pen. That's right, no keyboard. Things work just a little different and it takes some getting used to. Plus I'm also setting all of the software up like I want and that takes time. So right now I've mostly been using Alias Sketchbook Pro to scribble with before I get down to business. Here's a few examples in my electronical sketchbook:

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