Monday, August 13, 2007

10 Songs

After a visit to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in January (or February - can't seem to remember) my travelling companions and I decided to do a CD exchange. Pick ten songs that might be unfamiliar or forgotten by the others that you'd like them to hear and contemplate. So finally, by July, I got mine done. I even worked up some fancy jewel case artwork for it. The little drawing, by the way, comes from my Ellie on Planet X sketchbook. So it's sort of a preview of things to come, even though it gives very little away.

My ten picks were:
1. the pied piper composed by walter mourant
2. the sea by morcheeba
3. queen of quiet by erin mckeown
4. july, july by the decemberists
5. common people by william shatner (yes, that William Shatner)
6. daddy’s car by the cardigans
7. angels want to wear my red shoes by elvis costello
8. the charging sky by jenny lewis with the watson twins
9. selfless, cold, & composed by ben folds five
10. the girl in the corner by lyle lovett

I also added a special bonus track, How Does It Feel to be Back by Hall & Oates. Sort of a special present to my peeps who rip on me for liking the soulful sounds of Daryl and John. At least I was nice and picked a song I thought they might like.

The next CD exchange is slotted to be "Ten Songs Played at Your Funeral". We're a fun bunch.

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