Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Full Story

Several months ago I watched a couple of documentaries titled Toulouse Lautrec: The Full Story and Van Gogh: The Full Story. The presenter was British art critic Waldemar Januzczak. He's got a very engaging personality and takes their stories and makes them accessible and captivating. I just watched another doc by him called Ugly Beauty, which explains why modern art is not only valid, but that it's also important and where it fits in the history of art.

He's an interesting looking guy too. Here are some sketches I did while watching:


  1. I gotta see if Netflix carries this. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Oh,and nice new banner, Jim!

  2. The Toulose Lautrec doc is the one I gave you before. That might have the Van Gogh doc on it too.

    Oh, thanks!