Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Sketch at the Scarab

I stopped into the Scarab Club this morning for their twice weekly figure drawing session. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the model didn't show. So the gentleman who was running things pulled up a chair and posed for three hours! He was great fun to draw. I did several different versions, but these are the only two that I thought worked.


  1. Hi! Just discovered your work and I really enjoy it! (found it via Atom Bomb Bikini). Do you ever sell any of your sketches or do prints?

    -Take Care
    Peter K.

  2. Thanks a lot Peter! That Rob Ullman has got some pretty awesome work. I'm honored just to have someone find their way here from his house!

    I've sold some prints - was there a particular piece you were interested in? I can always make a print. As for the originals, they're usually smooshed onto a page with a bunch of stuff and have other things on the back that I need, so I tend not to give those up so easily.

  3. (Please forgive the lateness of my reply)

    Thanks for letting us know!! I saw this pic and thought it was just an awesome piece. After venturing through your galleries, we really like your style!

    If anything pique's our interest, we'll let you know!!