Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My dog Jambi was something of a chimera. He was part Shar-pei and part something short. His feet stuck out at a weird angle giving him a flippered look. His nose was pink, his tongue was blue, his forehead wrinkled. He had yellow eyes ("I swear to God, yellow eyes!"). His fur was course and when he'd shed, it worked it's way into car seat and couch cushion material making it near impossible to vacuum out. Yet his ears were soft and velvety. And when he lay on his side to sleep, with his short little flipper-feet sticking straight out, he resembled a piglet, curly tail and all.


  1. Cute. What kind of materials did you use on the Pig-dog?

  2. Thanks! Prismacolor, ink, and watercolor. Nothing fancy.