Friday, June 18, 2010

Satori Sketchy

Dr. Sketchy Detroit was back at the Belmont yesterday. It was a lovely late spring evening and we sat out in the courtyard where Satori Circus posed up for us. And it was good to see some old friends show up and join us too. These are my drawings from the night, the sixth image down being from a three-artist round robin sketch where we each spent five minutes adding on to what the previous artist did.

Also, due to the family friendly nature of my blog and for the benefit of under-aged Facebook friends, the un-edited versions of the first and last sketch have been hidden here and here.


  1. GREAT drawings! Some of your best from Dr. Sketchy.

  2. Coming from the great Alonzo, I am truly honored.

  3. Love these. The rubber chicken. <3 That was a great Dr. Sketchy's.