Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic Con Report: Part the First

I just got back from my trip out West to Las Vegas and San Diego for Comic Con 2009. Whew! I need a vacation from my vacation. To start with, here's a few sketches, mostly of people lined up at Starbucks, that I did while waiting for my plane to board.

The day I flew in to Vegas already had a packed schedule full of fun and adventure. Aside from lunch at the Venetian and a night out with the boys, Saturday evening brought us a little time with the Doctor. Doctor Sketchy, that is. Vegas style! Our model was one Ivy L'Vine who gave us a little burlesque show before getting down to the business of posing. These excellent pics of Ivy are by my good friend Scott McKeeve.

Here are my sketches, one of 'em from a cool 40 minute pose!

One of the artists I met was Joseph Bergin from Say Uncle Comics. His renditions of Ivy were beyond words as the drawing below shows. Many of the other artists said he was the best in Vegas. Can't say I can argue that.

More Con updates to come!

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