Friday, August 22, 2008

She moves in mysterious ways.

Yesterday's Dr. Sketchy was hosted by Blick Art Supplies in Dearborn and featured Lana of Detroit Bellydance who posed for us once before. I was running much too late and only had time to feed the dog before running off for a haircut and then on to the session. So I ended up using my tablet pc again.

I love my tablet, but for doing figure drawing it has it's downsides. One is that the screen is small and I have to zoom in to see detail which then means I can't see the rest of my drawing. It also provides me with the dangerous "undo" button if I feel I've made a mistake. Figure drawing isn't about fixing and re-fixing what you're doing, it's about teaching you to do it right in the first place. But I do like having all of those colors and digital media at my fingertips! Plus I don't have to scan anything in afterwards. Maybe I was being too harsh on my tablet. Still, I bought one of those fancy Moleskine (how DO you say that anyway?) sketch books and meant to get one of those little water color sets to try out for next time.

So, here's Lana in various poses and various colors!

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