Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ellie, Ellie, Ellie, and Ellie

Just because I haven't posted any pages for Ellie on Planet X doesn't mean there hasn't been any work going on. It's just taking place behind the scenes. Since my acquisition of the fantabulously fancy LE1600 Tablet PC from Motion Computing, there's been a steady stream of experimenting on how to best create the artwork for the story. Thus, the pages that have already been done may have a different look and feel to what's coming next since I'm now able to do things that I couldn't before.

Much of the experimenting has helped flesh some things out in the story a bit more and helped me come up with new and interesting ideas (to me anyway). Also, practice makes perfect, and drawing Ellie over and over again in different poses helps get her looking consistent. A fun little exercise has been figuring out how to show the emotions of a robot that has a permanent smile using shadows on her face and reflections in her eyes. Here's some sketches:

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