Monday, March 26, 2007

Tattoo You.

One of my coworkers commisioned me to design a tattoo for him. The theme? "There's a monkey on my back." So I toiled to get the beer swilling, chain smoking, finger flicking monkey's face looking graphic enough for my liking. When I finished the initial sketch I thought the dark space between his legs needed something, so I added a li'l winkie as a joke to see if it would fly. The guy loved it with one exception. "Make it bigger and more erect". It took a couple times to get it to the heights that he was happy with, and then I inked it up. I also did a color reference for the tattoo artist to go off from (if they can actually reproduce what I colored up). I'll post some photos when the guy gets it done. Click on the pic below to see the whole design.

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